Heavy Duty Tools and Equipment

Whether you are clearing out land or tearing down a wall, easily find the tools necessary to optimize your efficiency. Town Equipment of Ottawa, Ontario, offers an extensive variety of top-of-the-line construction equipment that is perfect for homeowners, small contractors, farmers, Arborists , and municipalities.

Product to Match Your Job

Town Equipment offers an ever-growing rental fleet of high-quality machinery including:

For Rent - Most Anything Available Via Re-rent For Sale

• Compact excavator $225/day, $340/weekend, $900/week

• Compact Loader Backhoe $255/day, $340/weekend, $1000/week

• Compact Dump Cart $150/day, $300/weekend, $600/week

• 7" Wood Chipper $205/day, $390/weekend, $800/week

• 4" wood chipper, $120/day, $190/weekend

• Wood Splitter $65/day, $90/weekend

• 450 lbs. reversible plate compactor $80/day

• 200 lbs. plate compactor $60/day, $90/weekend

• 10" jumping jack compactor $60/day, $90/weekend

• Power Fence Post Driver $85/day

• 30 HP tracked Stump Grinder $205/day, $390/weekend, $800/week

• Walk Behind Power Broom $65/day

• 8' high sided dump trailer $125/day

• 8' X 5' aluminum utility trailer $40/day

• 16' power tilting equipment trailer $150/day

• Hydraulic Auger $95/day 

• Hydraulic Hammer $95/day

• Compact Wheel Loader, $225/day

• Heavy Duty rototiller, $65/day

• Ice Auger $85/day

• Lawn mower $50/day

• Compaction Equipment by Weber

• Compact Wheel Loaders by GiAnt

• Sweeping Equipment by M-B Companies

• Attachments by Arrow

• Wallenstein forestry equipment


Comprehensive Service

Our rental service includes delivery within 40km for small equipment. Small delivery fee for larger machines, as well as training. The training involves safety, operation, and general maintenance of the equipment. Your safety is our priority. Our rental service also includes daily rates, weekly rates, and weekend rates. Customers even have the option to buy that same equipment that they are currently renting. Town Equipment offers Compact Equipment repairs with the convenience of pick up and delivery.

Complete Convenience

Above all, Town Equipment offers the convenience of not having to look through countless stores for expensive machinery. We show up at your doorstep with the equipment and set it up wherever you need it, saving you time and money.
Contact us to have access to the highest-quality construction equipment for your home or business.